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Tasmanian & Lebanese Links

The diplomatic relationship between Lebanon and the Australian state of Tasmania dates back decades. As many Lebanese families were displaced due to the civil war, many explored refuge in Australia and settled in Tasmania. Upon residing, numerous immigrants built their lives and future generations in Tasmania, established businesses, and in recent years, increased their social and communal presence. 

This came to be from the efforts and positive role played by the Lebanese Honorary Consul, the famous businessman and lawyer, Faddy Zouky. The Hon Mr Zouky OAM sought out the Australian and Lebanese governments and instituted an Honorary Consulate in Tasmania in order to provide an extensive range of services to hundreds of Lebanese families in Tasmania. In addition, the consul and the consulate have urged the community to integrate into their new community and take advantage of the Australian way of life to become successful citizens which love their country. 

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The love and loyalty these citizens have for Australia, does not conflict with their love for Lebanon and its status among people. This is evident during this modern era, where globalisation has removed major differences, shortened geographical distances, and created more communication and opportunities for cooperation between all types of people!

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