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All documents must be signed by the Victorian employers’ chamber of commerce & industry or Australia Arab chamber of commerce & industry and then by the department of foreign affairs and trade before they can be legalised at this consulate.

A. The Certification of the CHAMBERS should be made with similar wording to this: “We hereby declare that the mentioned merchandise is being exported for our own account. The goods are entirely of Australian origin and contain no parts from any other country.”

B. No invoice can be certified unless it contains the following text or similar wording: “We certify that this is an original invoice and it is the only one issued by us for the goods shown on it and the prices listed in it represent the real value of these goods without the deduction of any down payment or any other sum, and they are of purely Australian origin.”

C. When a Certificate of Origin is incorporated into the Commercial invoice, the legalization fees are collected as for two separate documents.

D. The fees involve the legalization of One Copy Only.

E. An extra copy should be sent for our records.

F. Documents should be lodged and collected the next day.


Fees for Commercial Documents:

1. Commercial invoice: 0.1% or part thereof after being rounded to the next thousand. Minimum fee AUD 61.50 maximum fee AUD 4261.50 . No invoice can be signed without the legalization of the certificate of origin.

2. Certificate of origin: AUD 34.50 (no certificate of origin can be legalized without the corresponding invoice).

3. Legalization of signature: AUD 68.50 per document.

Legalization of school reports:

Before they can be legalized by the Consulate-General (with no responsibility to the content or validity of the document), Educational Reports need to be signed by the State Department of Foreign Affairs &Trade after they are authenticated by the appropriate body as follows:

Public School Records should be authenticated by the State’s Department of Education & Training.

Private School Records should be authenticated by the School Board.

VCE Records should be authenticated by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

Original University Degrees or Copies CERTIFIED AS COPIES BY THE ISSUING UNIVERSITY are to be legalized by the Department of Foreign Affairs only.

The addresses for the various departments are as follows:

Department of Education & Training:

Program Development
International Division
6th Floor, 35 Spring Street, Melbourne
Tel: (03) 9651-3843


The School Board:

Level 1 33 St Andrews Place, Melbourne
Tel: (03) 9637-2099


The Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority:

Level 1, 2 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000


Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade:

Casselden Place
Level 13 2 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

Fees charged by the Consulate-General are: $23.50 per document.

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