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Power Of Attorney

General Guidelines:
Constituents must arrange an appointment as they are required to attend the offices of the Consulate-General in person. (phone: 9529 4588 ext.: )
Constituents must be of sound mind and legal age (over 18).
Powers of Attorney should show the full identity of the Constituents and their present address in Tasmania as well as the complete name and address of their Representative/Proxy in Lebanon. The Constituent can appoint one or more Representative/Proxy and instruct them to act jointly or separately.
Later the Power of Attorney to be accepted by the Lebanese Authorities it must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Emigrants in Beirut.

There are two types of Power of Attorney:

1- The General Power of Attorney: allows the Representative/Proxy, to act on behalf of the Constituent on any matter in all circumstances. Constituents should be fully aware of the powers they are delegating to their Representatives/proxies.
2- The Special Power of Attorney allows the Representative/Proxy to act on behalf of the Constituent on the specified matter and in the designated circumstances. Such as sell a property, sell a car, Financial matters, Marriage, Divorce, etc...Some Special Powers of Attorney can be made irrevocable. Please discuss with the Consular Officer the ramifications before drafting one.

An appointment.
Lebanese Identity Card or a recent individual Extract of Registration (Bayan Qayd Fardy) issued after 1992. Otherwise we need 2 witnesses with IDs
Representatives/Proxy’s full name and address in Lebanon and civil register details if known.
For Power of Attorneys comprising property matters: Title-of-Deed should be specified.
For Power of Attorneys comprising car matters: Model, plate, motor and chassis numbers should be specified.
For Power of Attorneys comprising Financial matters: Account number and bank details are required.
If a Power of Attorney is to be revoked, then a copy of it or full details of where and when it was drawn and number must be provided.

General Power of Attorney: AUD 136.50 per signatory.
Special Power of Attorney:  AUD 68.50 per signatory.
Revoking a Power of Attorney: AUD 102.50 per signatory.
Copy of a Power of Attorney: AUD 34.50 per copy.
N.B.: If the signatory is a legal representative for many persons, the fee shall be multiplied by the number of persons represented, and if this legal representative is a party, he/she should sign twice and pay for himself/herself + the number of persons he/she represents.

All Deeds, & Documents drawn at the Mission or legalized in the capacity of a Notary Public, and where these Deeds & Documents mention an amount of money a proportional fee of 1(per thousand) on the said amount shall apply in addition to the normal fee.

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