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Consul Message

It is with my greatest pleasure to advise that the Honorary Lebanese Consulate in Tasmania officially commenced operations in September 2020.  As the Honorary Consul to the Honorary Consulate for the Republic of Lebanon to Tasmania, it is with my deepest pride and joy to look forward to serving the Lebanese people in Tasmania.   It is an overwhelming honour to represent Lebanon and be commissioned to foster commercial affairs for Lebanon in Tasmania. 


It is with great pleasure to advise that the Honorary Lebanese Consulate in Tasmania aims to provide general information about Lebanon and various consular services such as issuing visas, renewing passports, issuing Power of Attorneys etc. to facilitate communication with Lebanon and Australia.


The old history of the Lebanese migration to Australia and the Lebanese prominent presence in Tasmania has made this community a focus of attention of the official authorities and foreign communities in this State and gained their respect. This respect is a reflection of the successes achieved by the Lebanese wherever they may be and in all sectors. This is a responsibility that we must all preserve.


I encourage all the Australian Lebanese community to embrace and highlight our cultural identity as an active part of the Australian community in Tasmania, where law-abiding communities are committed to the best relations with the Australian society and are the source of this country's diversity and richness. 

We also call on members of the community to register their children and preserve our Lebanese identity by conducting personal status transactions at the consulate such as registration of marriage and births ... and to preserve and master our Arabic language by teaching our children this language in order to protect our identity and preserve our culture.


I would deeply like to take this opportunity to thank the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and all branches of the Australian Foreign Affairs, The Governor of Tasmania, The Premier of Tasmania, Ms Ella Haddad MP and all the Tasmanian Government and Members of Parliament for their support towards the Honorary Consulate for Lebanon in Tasmania.


I would strongly urge and invite all to email the Consulate to with your email and contact details to be included in the register.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank both the Lebanese and Australian Governments and look forward to a most rewarding and memorable journey and ensure the Consulate’s best attention to detail and will always prevail to promote Lebanon and Australia alike.  I look forward to making new acquaintances to further enhance the Consulate’s ability to provide quality service and assistance to all community members.

Faddy Zouky OAM

Honorary Consul General

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